We are often asked, “Why should I use Silk flowers as opposed to fresh flowers?” To be honest, we are amazed that more brides don’t use silk arrangements. The highest costs in your wedding are usually your dress the event venue and your flowers. Would you spend $2000 dollars on your dress and then throw it away a day or two after the ceremony? So why would you spend $1500 to $10,000 dollars on something that may last you a week after your wedding and ultimately end up in the trash can? So here are our ten top reasons for using silk flowers!

  • Creativity, Silk flowers can be manipulated and positioned unlike fresh flowers which are fragile and unforgiving when misplaced. This allows for greater creativity in the floral design
  • Cost effective… In most cases Silk flowers are much less cost wise and are easier to work within a budget. It is possible to safe 30% or more by using silk flowers.
  • They won’t wilt and die. More than one bride has shed tears because her flowers wilted, (this happened to a wedding that I was helping with this past October. I did silk arrangements for the tables the bouquets were done by another florist in fresh flowers… The bouquets were wilted before the reception… she was not a happy bride! Arizona heat is often a true concern. Silks will not wilt and die.
  • They Travel, Silk arrangements and bouquets can be boxed and mailed or travel on a plane or in a car…with careful packing they will look just as beautiful upon your arrival to your destination. This makes them perfect for those brides that are married in one place and then travel to another for a second reception etc… If you are being married out of state, you are able to design and have your flowers ready to take with you giving you security of knowing you are happy with your flowers as opposed to relying on a florist you have not met before.
  • They make great gifts and mementos for family and friends
  • Your bouquet will a memory that you can keep and cherish and even possibly hand down to someone else.
  • Event floral arrangements can easily be altered and changed in to arrangements for your home.
  • Silk arrangements can be resold possibly recouping some of your initial costs
  • When using quality silk flowers, silk arrangements can be every bit as beautiful and elegant and fresh in fact they look real.
  • Perhaps the best reason is why invest money into something that will not last and you will end up throwing away?

Your Flowers are an important part of your wedding and help create the memories that will last for a life time. Silk flowers will allow you to keep a memento of your wedding that you will be able to enjoy for years to come. We enjoy “Helping Make Memories to Last Forever”.

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Beautiful silk bouquets will brighten up your wedding day, and offer a long-lasting keepsake.  Events by Kaleidoscope can create wedding bouquets, corsages, and silk boutonnieres